Projects: Athletic Facility Enhancements | Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY
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Margiotta Hall, the home of the Hofstra men and women's lacrosse and football programs underwent a major aesthetic renovation in 2009 with upgraded sports exhibits highlighting players, coaches and teams. New lighting systems, flooring and wall treatments were part of the renovation which included over 20 new exhibit panels, facility signage, 3D display cases and a comprehensive touch screen interactive kiosk that features every team in the school's athletic history. The success of this enhancement led to redoing the men's lacrosse locker rooms. The David S. Mack Sports Complex was then also visually enhanced with thematic designs highlighting the men and women's basketball programs which included a new Ticket Window, three large concession stands, a team store and a 100 foot linear history of the basketball program designed to be upgraded each year with new program developments and players. 

Hofstra University Athletic Facility Hofstra University Athletic Facility Hofstra University Athletic Facility
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